Rhythmology - the study of rhythm


Study the art of drumming with international educator and performer Claes Brondal.

Students will be studying a comprehensive and inspirational curriculum. 

By following a simple and efficient practice routine, the student will advance quickly, develop their own music vocabulary and ability to play


Drumming for Life

The teaching methods used are designed to empower and enable students to advance
in directions of their own.

Lessons will cover the history of drumming, drumming and rhythms in context, why we drum, reasons to drum, the role of the contemporary and the traditional drummer, guidance on careers in the business of music.

Commitment to maintain a regular practice routine.




3 way, 4 way and 5 way


4/4 time and Odd time signatures. Interpretation of music scores in different musical settings - Deciphering  rhythms - Soloing - Patterns 


Moeller Method and Open handed playing


Funk - Jazz - Rock - Hip-hop - New Orleans - West African -  Afro/Caribbean - Afro/Brazilian and many other world rhythms

Paradiddles as inspirational tools to gain control of the drumset. 

Rudiments as a tool to develop technique and reading skills

Customized study plans

Member of Percussive Arts Society and Vic Firth Educational Program.